You will have a full two days of activities at Vira Vira. The many surrounding natural parks, the majestic volcano Villarrica with its unbelievable views, water sports, horseback riding, and trekking in the foothills of the Andes, are a vital part of the experience at Vira Vira. You are encouraged you to explore a new adventure or experience every day, with the aim of understanding the mystic ambiance of these ancient Mapuche territories. The guides at Vira Vira are passionate about their work, and about the excursions on offer. With some thirty options available, choosing what to do may seem daunting. That is where the role of your hosts and guides become of paramount importance. Each day they will make a series of options available, allowing you to pick and choose according to your personal preferences, their level of difficulty, or simply a natural or cultural focus.

Activities are centered on nature and adventure, with treks and horseback rides of various duration. There are also explorations of the nearby Villarrica volcano, visiting its labyrinth of tunnels, or even reaching the summit. There are also several cultural activities, aimed at revealing the secrets of the region. Vira Vira also offers some wonderful experiences at the hotel itself such as cooking, cheese-making, and even spending a day on their organic garden. There are also more relaxing activities. What better than sitting in a hot pool of thermal spring water, glass of red wine in hand, and looking out across a backdrop of mountains, forests, and volcanoes?

Of course cuisine plays an important role in the Vira Vira experience. Their menu veers away from the typical international offerings by blending Chilean and ancient indigenous recipes, all created with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Each day the chef prepares a selection of two full menus, carefully composed and lovingly arranged and paired with the perfect wine for each dish.