Transfer to the airport this morning for your flight south to Comodoro Rivadavia – a gateway to the Chubut area of Patagonia. This region is known for its big skies and wide pampas grass plains. At the airport you will be met and transferred 110 miles to a very special place. Few experiences in Argentina can parallel your next three nights.

Arriving at Bahia Bustamante, you enter a unique world of living history and wildlife adventures. Founded in 1953 by a Spanish hair gel entrepreneur, Don Lorenzo Soriano, Bahia Bustamante was previous known as the Rotten Bay, due to the accumulation of vast amounts of rotting seaweed. Using it as a base, along with his 4 sons, he established the first “seaweed village” in the world. He built up a pioneering company for the harvesting and processing of seaweed – the beginning of a thriving seaweed industry to be used in both nutrition and biomedicine. The two original buildings facing the sea quickly developed into a village that used to house up to 400 people: there was a school, a church, a police post, warehouses, workshops and a general store. More hectares were added to the main area and sheep farming started.