Rise early this morning for a guided bird walk. The Lodge is set within a beautiful forest and gardens filled with flowering fruit trees, orchids and a variety of flora. The setting is ideal for birding and your local birding guide will bring the early-morning forest to life – 300 bird species have been spotted on the property. Return to the lodge for breakfast.

Along with your guide, visit the Cal family for a very authentic, warm and welcoming cultural interaction – “The Living Maya Experience.” The family has close ties to the lodge and the relationship has been fostered over many decades. Unlike in other Central American countries, most of the Maya of Belize speak English to the cultural interactions are easy and fluid. Approximately 11% of the Belizean population is Maya and most of these communities can be found in Southern Belize in the Toldedo District. Today, your local guide will introduce you to the Cal family where you will enjoy a local lunch and learn about their way of life during a very interactive visit.

The Living Maya Experience offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into a quickly vanishing world in which the local Kek’chi Maya depended upon the forest and found everything in it to satisfy their needs from food to furniture to medicine. The Cals showcase a Mayan home – their home – as it would have been fifty years ago and how they continue to live today. Enjoy a healthy, homemade lunch with the Cal family before continuing to Blue Creek for an active adventure.