Rise early and after breakfast at the lodge depart with your guide to the under-visited Maya site of Lubaantun. This Late Classic site is the largest Maya site in Southern Belize and is known for its unique stonework lacking in mortar – the huge limestone rocks are apparently set on top of each other. The 11 structures, five plazas and multiple ball courts are generally well intact and easy to explore. The site is also the purported location of the discovery of the controversial “Crystal Skull” in 1926. We aim to arrive early to take advantage of the excellent onsite birding and cooler temperatures.

After exploring Lubaantun, we continue by road to the Rio Blanco National Park for a picnic lunch. This small community-managed national park includes a beautiful two-mile-long forest trail. After lunch and a hike, cool off by jumping from the rock walls into the deep, turquoise pool below the waterfall. Return to the lodge for sundowners and dinner.