You will have two full day to enjoy the excursions available at Alto Atacama.

Half day to Toconao & Atacama Salt flats by vehicle: On the way to the famous salt flats of San Pedro de Atacama, we visit the lovely town of Toconao and the Valle Escondido de Kunza (the hidden valley) where we visit the church and artisan market stalls in the central plaza. From here, we continue our journey to the salt flats. On arrival, there is a gentle 20 minute walk to the Laguna de Chaxa where we can see wild flamingos and other birds native to the area. Later, when the setting sun catches on the mountains and the lagoons, you will see one of the most incredible sunsets the world has to offer.

Half day cycling tour to Ayllu de Quitor and San Pedro Village: This gentle bike ride takes us across the beautiful Quitor valley and into the town of San Pedro itself. Along the way, you can enjoy the stunning landscapes, flora and fauna which has made the area so popular with travelers in the world.

Half day to Tatio Geysers by vehicle: We leave the hotel before dawn to arrive at the famous geysers at daybreak: the steam and vapors are all the more impressive with the cold and the light of the early morning. At the geyser field, we will also see geysers thermal pools, mud fountains, colorful rock formations, hot streams and flora and fauna. The return journey is quite stunning with an abundance of wildlife and beautifully contrasting landscapes.