After breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at Hacienda San Lucas for the tour of Copan Site. A half day tour through the site and museums (entrance to tunnels are not included, please ask your guide if you like to purchase this separately).

Copan is one of the best-restored, interesting and elaborate Mayan cities known. Occupied between 400 and 800 AD, Copan covers over 50 acres of temples, altars, stelae, ball courts, several plazas and the Hieroglyphic Stairway. Located in the beautifully lush valley skirted by mountains, it features some of the Maya’s most impressive accomplishments in architecture, astronomy and art. Among the magnificent finds are the well-preserved Rosalila Temple and the tombs of several of Copan’s rulers. After touring the site enjoy lunch in the village and the afternoon is yours free to explore Copan Ruinas or return to the Hacienda to relax.