After breakfast, your driver will transfer you to Flores, a small island village in Lago Peten Itza. After lunch (on your own, there are many restaurants to choose from with a water view), you’ll be transferred to Yaxha archaeological site for a sunset tour. Yaxhá is one of the largest Maya cities in Petén, and together with the other cities located in this park, played an important role in the social and political organization of the Central Maya Lowlands. This city was inhabited from the Middle Pre-Classic (1000 – 350 BC) to the Post-Classic (900 – 1200 AD) and reached its highest development during the Early Classic, maintaining an important role in the Maya World for over 1,500 years. Much of its political history is known from carved monuments found at the site. Watch sunset from the top of a pyramid overlooking the lagoon. After sunset your guide and driver will transfer you back to your hotel.