After breakfast your driver and guide will transfer you to the Maya site of Ceibal. Getting to Ceibal is an adventure in itself – boat down the La Pasión River, peacefully admiring the tranquility and majesty of the Petén rainforest before arriving at the site. Although this majestic city was occupied nearly 700 years earlier, it flourished during the Late Pre-Classic Period (350 BC – 250 AD). It then declined during the Early Classic Period (735 AD), after the imprisonment of one of its rulers by the neighboring city of Dos Pilas, and it wasn’t until almost 65 years later, with the destruction of Dos Pilas that Ceibal recovered. Today, Ceibal is considered an important site in Maya spirituality. Religious ceremonies take place daily in the site’s “Pirámide de las Puertas” (Pyramid of the Doors) and in the ceremonial temple.After a box picnic lunch at the site, return via boat and road to Las Lagunas for the night.