After an early morning transfer to Quito’s airport and flight over the Pacific, you’ll arrive in the Galapagos Islands!

The tiny island of Baltra was a military base during the Second World War and has been the Galapagos’ principal airport for many years. The good news is that to protect the local environment the airport has been rebuilt, this time using the most advanced environmental techniques to reduce emissions and energy use. This is the first eco-friendly airport in the world. At the airport, you will be met by our expert local guide before transferring to Santa Cruz, which involves public transport (no private vehicles are permitted) overland to the Itabaca Channel and a short crossing on the public ferry. Now your journey really begins, with a visit to the impressive Los Gemelos craters and a look at the highland Galapagos tortoises. At midday we enjoy a tasty specially prepared boxed lunch en route to the town of Puerto Ayora where our private speed boat will be waiting to take us on a two hour ride to the island of Floreana.

This peaceful island is home to the Galapagos’ smallest population, only 150 people, and is also the least developed and most natural of the four inhabited islands. Once a pirates’ lair, Floreana was the first inhabited island in the Galapagos and descendents of the original population still live here together with the mysterious tales and legends that surround their ancestors. On Floreana we will be hiking, learning about the fascinating history of the local people, and seeing some of the Galapagos special wildlife (giant tortoises, frigate birds, Darwin’s finches, sea lions, and petrels).

We check in at our lodge overlooking the Galapagos’ most beautiful and secluded bay. After that we will walk for 30 minutes towards La Loberia (a sea lion breeding ground) and then for our first marine encounter, snorkeling and swimming in the warm bright water with sea turtles, sea lions, spectacular rays and lots of shimmering fishes.In the afternoon we return to the lodge for a nice warm shower and dinner in the village. Night Activity (weather permitting): star gazing.