The history of the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia is relatively short. Established in 2007, the lodge was started thanks to some of its supporters who followed our inspiration to create an eco-friendly destination. Not only did they want to offer people traveling through Namibia an opportunity to stay somewhere that gave back to Namibia’s wildlife, but also wanted to offer the San Bushman community a new opportunity to develop job skills in the hospitality industry.

Since 2007, business has boomed and Naankuse couldn’t be happier. In 2009, they reintroduced our first giraffe; in 2010, eland; and in 2011, became the honored custodians of a pack of African wild dogs. Through an array of wildlife-related activities, you may have the opportunity to see one or all of these animals.

Every single person who comes to the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia learns about the history of the lodge, it’s passion for conservation, love for food, and leaves with a little bit of Namibia in their hearts. More importantly, guests help support the legacy of people and animals this amazing Namibian safari destination care for.