Mashatu is the epitome of all that defines wilderness areas in Africa. Visitors are charmed by the vast open spaces; the biodiversity of wildlife from the gigantic to the minuscule; the majestic skies unfettered by smog; the tranquility interspersed with birdsong and sounds of the wild. Part of this charm is the unexpected adventure safari over and above the game drives: horse-back safaris, cycling safaris and walks in the wild. Photographic hides add an aspect to the adventure safari which is unique and thrilling to their patrons be they professional photographers or lovers of wildlife. These added adventures are all tailored to bring visitors into intimate contact with this remarkable wilderness.

An early morning wake up call heralds a new day in Africa’s most exciting game reserve. After a light breakfast snack, your early morning game drive allows you to explore the magnificence nature whilst in search of wildlife booth big and small.

On return to the camp a hearty brunch is served. Spend the morning relaxing by the pool or in the Discovery Room before heading to high tea in the late afternoon from which you will set off again in search of game. Step out of the vehicle for a stretch and sundowner drink while you watch the brilliant African sun fade from the sky before heading back to camp keeping an eye out for nocturnal animals.

Round off a perfect day at Mashatu with a delicious dinner at the camp, and the companionship of your fellow guests and the Mashatu hospitality staff. Allow the memories of your day’s game viewing to lull you off to dreamland when you fall into bed, tired but contented.