This beautiful lodge is an oasis of green, calm and beauty, in a landscape that can often be parched, dry and dusty. Surrounded by lush tropical flowers, towering trees and a coffee plantation, Gibb’s captures unforgettable views towards the Great Rift Escarpment. With a sense of Colonialism and original farm house characteristics, it’s certainly worth a stay, even if this is just to sample the food. There are also great nature walks to do from the house, as well as visits to the nearby Karatu Village.

The main facilities, consisting of a sitting room, reading room, dining room (which serves fresh, home-cooked meals), bar and gift shop, are situated in the old farmhouse. Coffee is grown, processed and roasted on the farm, and a vast ten-acre fruit and organic vegetable garden provides nearly all the fruit and vegetables to the guests, who wake up to fresh coffee, a multitude of flowers and breathtaking views.