Segera offers privacy in gracious accommodations. Six timber and thatch villas are built on elevated wooden platforms, offering a perfect view out onto the wild African savannah. Each villa has its own private deck outfitted with lounge chairs for soaking up the African sun, and swinging beds that provide the perfect spot for a midday or evening escape. A private outdoor hot tub offers a tranquil and private setting in which to bathe in nature. Each villa is uniquely decorated with artworks by African artists.

Villa Segera is the perfect romantic Retreat property for two, consisting of two wooden buildings, connected by a swing bridge, with a private veranda, pool and lounge area, decorated with fine antiques and art. Private garden and salt-water pool, sunken watch and exclusive Michael Poliza image gallery enhance the experience.

The stone-clad Segera House is roomy and luxurious for a maximum of four people, with lounge, raised observation deck and private garden and salt-water pool. Vintage Landcruiser and Royce Rolls garnish dine & lounge area, additional fine antiques and art decorate the beautiful villa.