With the most breathtaking panoramic views along the Umhlanga beach and out to sea there can be no better place than the Lighthouse Bar for unwinding with exotic cocktails and great music. These are truly spectacular surroundings.

Overlooking the pool and Indian Ocean, the celebrated Oyster Bar is a haven of luxurious tranquility, perfect for enjoying a plate of oysters on ice freshly picked from our own oyster beds and other mouthwatering snacks. Ooh – and don’t forget a glass or two of your favorite chilled champagne! With its gently, rhythmically swaying palm fans and views of the bright blue sea a glance away this is the place to settle down with a friend or two to catch up on the latest news, share the latest stories and savor the here and now.

To enter the Chukka Bar with its authentic old world charm and character is to enter a perfect environment for toasting the joys of life. Do note that the Chukka Bar is a smoking venue.