Wildlife Viewing

The lodge is located near to some of the most amazing wildlife areas on the planet. The gate to the World Heritage Ngorongoro Conservation Area is about a 15-minute drive from the lodge. To the east and south lies Lake Manyara National Park, a jewel of a park lying on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Both areas are equally accessible for day trips.

Bird Watching

With about 1200 species of birds, Tanzania is one of the best places to watch our feathered friends. Even if you’re not a keen “twitcher” you’ll find it hard to resist marveling at the colorful and sometimes comical avian visitors and residents at the lodge.

Cultural Activities

There is ample opportunity to visit some of the fascinating tribes nearby. You can visit the Iraqw, Hadzabe or Datogo communities. The interesting agricultural village of Mto wa Mbo is nearby too. Or, just go into town for a taste of local life.

Hiking and Walking

You can easily walk into town from the lodge to experience a bustling African community. There are plenty of shops and a local market to explore. If you fancy a stroll into the countryside that’s another possibility. One of the staff can escort you to a neighboring coffee plantation or you can hike in the Ngorongoro Conservation area for a more strenuous outing.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Treat yourself to a therapeutic, on site, massage to work out the kinks after a long trip on safari or use it relax before you venture out into the bush