Serengeti Migration camp is situated right in the path of the migration which has recently been coined as the The 8th wonder of the world. There is no better place to view this spectacle of monumental proportions. Nowhere else on earth is there a movement of wildlife on such a grand scale. This experience will change the traveler forever, and is an absolute must do!

Day-long game drives in the Serengeti offer an amazing perspective of the vast landscape and wildlife that call it home. You can set-off early with champagne picnic breakfast and stay out all day carrying your delectable picnic lunch. You will be delighted and awed by the sheer numbers of game including the big-five.

Along route on your evening drives, enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sun fade from the vast African sky from a perfectly scouted location.

For an entirely different perspective, climb into a hot air balloon for a sky safari.