At Sand Rivers the open-sided 4×4 vehicles are a great way of seeing things. For covering a bit of distance when that’s what’s needed. And of course there are times when they give you the best views, access and photographic opportunities.

But we like to retain spontaneity wherever we can. Often the best way to see things, to avoid scattering animals from the lakeshore, or spooking a herd of elephant as they feed their way through a stretch of lush grassland, is to hop down and quietly work our way into a good position on foot.

And the same goes for our boats. Just being on the river – never mind the game – is a fantastic contrast to time spent in a vehicle. Drifting silently down stream, gently spiraling in the current, watching the river banks unfold is hard to beat. Vast flocks of great white pelicans fishing in dwindling pools, wallowing families of elephant socializing, prides of lion sleeping off a meal.