Climbing to 5,199 meters, Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa. The scenery surrounding this designated World Heritage Site is breath-taking. The park boasts pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and a selection of rare and endangered species of animals, high altitude adapted plains game and unique montane and alpine vegetation. A safari expedition to Mt. Kenya enjoys mountain climbing, camping and caving with rugged glacier-clad peaks providing the perfect backdrop. Mount Kenya National Park was established in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya and the surrounding environment which forms the wild animal’s habitat as well as act as a water catchment area that supplies Kenya’s water. The national park has an area of 276 square miles, most of which is above the 9,800 ft contour line. The forest reserve has an additional area of 272 square miles which combined create this UNESCO World Heritage site.