In the lower forest and bamboo zones, mammals include giant forest hog, tree hyrax, white-tailed mongoose, elephant, black rhinoceros, suni, black-fronted duiker and leopard. Moorland mammals include the localized Mount Kenya mouse shrew, hyrax and common duiker. The endemic mole-rat is common throughout the northern slopes and the Hinder Valley at elevations up to 4,000 m. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve enhance the species diversity within the property including being home to the largest resident population of Grevys’ Zebra in the world. An impressive array of birdlife inhabit the area as well including green ibis, Ayres hawk eagle, Abyssinian long-eared owl, scaly francolin, Rüppell’s robin-chat, numerous sunbirds, the locally threatened scarce swift, and near endemic alpine swift.