Sharp-toothed catfish and yellow fish are found in the natural pools of Fish River. The former can adapt to almost any habitat. In some of these environment, they are preyed upon by leopard and African fish eagle. Largemouth yellow fish swim upstream from the Orange River and into the Fish River continuing on for many miles. The frog population includes the marbled rubber frog, common platanna and Boettger’s caco. Beetz’s tiger snake and black-necked spitting cobras seek shelter in the dry rocky regions while Nile monitor lizards and the Karoo girdled lizard perch on boulders soaking up the sun.

Apart from its outstanding natural beauty and diverse and unique flora and fauna, the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail is well-worth a mention. It is one of the most famous hikes in southern Africa, covering a distance of 86 km in the base of the canyon, starting from Hobas and ending at Ai-Ais. The duration is either 4 or 5 days depending on fitness and hikers.