Twenty-eight of the 86 species of mammals in Kidepo are not found in any other of Uganda’s national parks. Some of the animals unique to this park include striped , aardwolf, caracal, cheetah, greater and lesser kudu, klipspringer, dik-dik, Bright’s gazelle and Chandler’s mountain reedbuck. he beisa oryx and the roan antelope are believed to have been extirpated from the region. African wild dogs have been observed to come into the park from Sudan occasionally but are not resident in the park. Many of the other large mammals found elsewhere in Uganda such as African elephant, zebra, buffalo, waterbuck, Jackson’s hartebeest, lion, leopard, and both black-backed and side-striped jackal are found here.

The park is also outstanding for its birds of prey, of which 58 species have been recorded including lammergeier, Verreaux’s eagle, the pygmy falcon and Egyptian vulture as well as an impressive fourteen raptors that are unique to the park.