Lochinvar is particularly well known for it’s large herds of Kafue lechwe which are unique to the Kafue flats. Other antelope that can be seen on safari are the blue wildebeest, kudu, oribi and buffalo. And for the twitchers, waterbirds are especially abundant.

The Kafue Flats floodplain, in the northern section, floods from the Kafue River. It’s here that the endemic Kafue lechwe, one of three subspecies of lechwe found in Zambia, can be found. More than 30,000 of them make the flats their home and move seasonally according to the flood level. At high water, massive herds may be seen along the upper flood line and in the open grassland further south. As the floods recede the herds move north into the floodplain. They feed on grasses and herbs in water up to a meter deep and are often seen wading or swimming in the Chunga Lagoon.