In the Termitaria Zone, trees and shrubs grow only on the large termite mounds with grasses covering the rest of the area, which often becomes waterlogged during the rainy season. There are also many small grey mounds which are always unvegetated. The magpie shrike is one of the birds to be seen in the scattered trees of this zone and the surrounding grassy plains are grazed by buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and oribi. Very much in evidence is the ‘candelabra’ tree. The southern area is mainly woodland, dominated by Acacia albida and Combretum trees and is free from flooding. Bushbuck kudu, baboon, bushpig and vervet monkey inhabit this area.

Lochinvar is also home to Sebanzi Hill, an excavated archaeological site, that was once an iron age village, inhabited for most of the last century.