The Lower Zambezi’s antelope species are dominated by large herds of impala, but there are also good populations of kudu, eland, zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck and the odd duiker or grysbok. In the river, crocodile and hippo are always present and the large water monitor lizard, which occurs frequently in the park.

Lower Zmabezi National Park is also a great birding safari destination with 378 species including many species of eagle, heron, stork and bee-eater. Kingfishers alone, the pied, giant, woodland, malachite and brown-hooded kingfishers are extremely common. Similarly, the river is frequented by darters, cormorants, egrets and storks, and fish eagles are often perched in the trees overlooking the water. Lower Zambezi boasts a beautiful landscape and great diversity of wildlife making it a perfect park for a Zambia Safari.