his Horseshoe Falls derives it’s name from its shaped and is 311 feet deep and usually dries up at the height of the dry season between October and November. Rainbow Falls is a beautiful viewpoint getting it’s name from the rainbow that arches over the falls spray. The falls are 354 feet deep at this point, the deepest of the whole series.

The Eastern Cataract falls are situated completely on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls but have a stunning view from the Zimbabwean side as well. They are the second deepest falls of the series at 331 feet deep. A unique view of the falls below can be found by descending 73 steps into the gorge.

On the Zambia side, the David Livingstone statue can be found to the left at the end of the Falls near the spectacular Devil’s Cataract viewpoint. On 16 November 1855, Livingstone (the first Western explorer to view the Falls) wrote in his journal: “…scenes so lovely must have been gazed on by angels in their flight.”

The Boiling Pot is an area appropriately named to describe the turmoil where water from opposite sides of the falls collide in the Zambezi River and erupt furiously as it turns in a southeasterly direction, pounding through several gorges.