At Rincon del Socorro, you’ll venture out on early-morning or late afternoon wildlife viewing boat trips in the wetlands. After a morning outing, a barbecue lunch is served in a hut beside the boat dock. You may also have the opportunity to spend a full day exploring these fascinating marshes with excellent opportunities to photograph multicolored flowers, aquatic plants and the varied fauna: black caimans, which despite its antediluvian appearance are inoffensive to humans, roseate spoonbills, maguari stork, whistling herons, anhingas, marsh eagles, painted turtles, etc. If luck has its way, you may spot the rare marsh deer, a species in danger of extinction. In addition to the wildlife viewing, visit the Iberá Visitor Center to appreciate the amazing area as a whole – its interesting eco-system and enjoy a short walk to observe a howler monkeys community.