Cultural tours offer authentic experiences of the Mayan and Garifuna cultures and Mayan archaeology. Toledo is the center of cacao (cocoa) production with most of its product being exported for manufacture as Green & Blacks Maya Gold organic chocolate, the first Fairtrade product in the UK in 1994. Ixcacao is a local Mayan chocolatier.

Other activities include a day spent with the local birding expert, Steven Choco, exploring the surrounding jungle and bird habitats. Spending the day kayaking or boating along Monkey River, traveling slowly through the beds of turtle grass and coastal mangroves to encounter manatees curious to see their strange human visitors. Along the way keep your eyes peeled for basking crocodiles, river otters, turtles and an abundance of birds. Then visit the Howler monkey sanctuary managed by the tour guides of Monkey River.

Big Falls Extreme Adventures are just a ten minutes walk from the lodge and include zip lining, snorkeling, swimming and fishing, and dolphin watching in the turquoise waters around the southern cayes. You must also visit Rio Blanco National Park. This small community managed national park includes a two mile forest hike as well as the opportunity to jump from the rock cliff into the deep pool below the waterfall. We stop here for a picnic lunch and swim.