You will be picked up early this morning for your transfer to False Bay for the Great White Shark experience. Breakfast is served in false bay, so grab a snack before you head out! False Bay is unique in that it is one of the very few places in the world where shark breaching takes place. A breach is when Great White Sharks hunt seals and launch themselves clean out of the water in pursuit of their prey. It is spectacular to witness and happens frequently in a morning, but only during a short and very defined season, June and late August/early September.

Join your skipper, a qualified shark expert, for a briefing before setting off to Seal Island. Scientists have acknowledged that great white sharks behave differently in False Bay at Seal Island then anywhere else along the South African coastline. This is mostly due to the ideal topographical structure around the island, allowing for stealthy attacks. The speed at which the sharks are able to go after their prey is what ultimately results in their “flying” out of the water once they’ve taken hold. You will arrive at the island just before sunrise and spend the first hour and a half observing the sharks and trying to force a breach with the use of a decoy seal being towed behind the boat.

After having, hopefully, observed a breach the boat will anchor at the island and there you will spend approximately three hours cage diving with the Great Whites should you so wish. Return to the harbor around 2 pm where you will be transferred back to The Grand Daddy Hotel for the remainder of the day at your leisure.