Cerro de La Cruz:
Don’t miss out on breathtaking views of La Antigua from this hill, which can be accessed by a police escort from Parque Central. The “cruz” refers to a large stone cross, installed on the hill in 1930.

Santa Catalina’s Arch:
One of Antigua’s favorite landmarks, this arch was originally built in the 17th century, with the clock tower portion added in the 1830s when Antigua was part of the Central American Federation.

Portal de Las Panaderas:
Spanish for the “Bakery Arcade”, this corridor is home to several cafes, where delicious bread, pastries, and coffee can be purchased.

Tanque la Unión:
This colorful public building was designed as a gathering place for socializing and doing laundry. Originally built in 1853, it was restored in 1979 and is still used today for its original purpose.