Alto Atacama offers a wide array of tours, each falling into a conceptualized category based on the type of experience on offer. Whether that is to contemplate, to seek adventure, cultural heritage, gastronomy, astronomical enlightenment and so on. Alto Atacama has over 30 different tours and excursions to choose from. Guests can connect with the landscape, through carefully devised walks, hikes, and biking routes. To the people, via cultural and heritage tours created with the native population, or to the night sky and Solar system, with the help of our open air observatory.

The excursion tours are Alto’s most demanding and require a minimum of two days altitude acclimatization as many of these expeditions pass over four thousand meters above sea level. From the heights of our volcanoes to the depths of our streams, these excursions present a range of unique challenges to all thrill seekers. Amongst other things, you will hike through the mountains that populate the vast high Andean plains, and have given protection to the indigenous cultures of this region for centuries. As the old cliché goes, with these tours; “The greater the effort, the greater the reward!”

The first traces of human activity in the area date back more than 10 thousand years. Since then, the Atacama Desert has continued to be a hub of human interaction, a commercial crossroads for Andean peoples and a proud cradle of Ancient cultural heritage. These tours offer guests the opportunity to explore the legacy left by indigenous populations, from the Lican Antai, to the Tiwanaku peoples, and later the Inca. This is a chance to understand the heritage of these local hosts a little better.

Whatever adventure you choose – rest assure an adventure it will be!