Wonderful experiences await on the magical island of Chiloé, and at Tierra Chiloé you can expect a combination of land and sea expeditions to get to know this off-the-beaten-path destination in its entirety. Upon arrival at Tierra Chiloé, our expert guides will help you create your own excursion plan, getting to know the difficulty level you prefer and any personal interests, so that you can explore Chiloé your own way.
With Tierra Chiloé’s all-encompassing portfolio of excursions, you can hike, bike, kayak or sail your way through the charming landscapes of Chiloé. Adventures here with us will give you the feeling that you have always belonged.

At Tierra Chiloé, the island is yours to explore on two-wheels. We have routes starting straight from the doors of our hotels to others that combine a full-day sailing with a exhilarating bike ride too. The choice is yours!

With lush green hills and Pacific Ocean blues all around, hiking the Island of Chiloé is at once breathtaking, fun, and nourishing for the soul. Encompassing enchanting woodland walks, birdwatching expeditions and clifftop treks, our portfolio of Chiloé hikes brings you closer to this versatile región and its unexpected charms, which expert guides will be proud to show you. Whether you’re one for challenging treks or prefer a slower pace walk, there is an assortment of wonderful routes to choose from throughout this far-flung Chilean archipelago.

The horses live on property and are often seen grazing on the green fields throughout the day. Saddling up here means exploring the seashores, picturesque farmlands and rolling hills.

There is so much to see on the big island of Chiloé. You can do it by land or by sea, joining your guide for adventures that take you through dense forests, village markets and tiny forgotten islands in the archipielago. For special interest activities at Tierra Chiloé, you can meet shipbuilders, visit smaller isolated islands on the archipelago and explore the famous UNESCO churches of the island. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, water activities at Tierra Chiloé are a part of almost every excursion offered. Enjoy a day out on our wooden yacht, explore the inland channels by kayak, or stroll along untouched beaches. Here in Chiloé, you’ll discover seaside living at its best.