In 2012, the N/a’an ku sê Foundation purchased Neuras Wine and Vineyard Estate, in Southern Namibia, hoping to build on the hard work of Sylvia and Allan Walkden Davis. Neuras has become renowned for making quality wine while conserving land and wildlife … more detailed history of Neuras.

In 2013, the van Uden group became partners of N/a’an ku sê and donated an ambulance to the Lifeline clinic.

In 2014, the Kanaan Desert Retreat, located in the south of Namibia, was purchased with investment from the van Uden group. Kanaan is located on 33,000 hectares of unspoiled land giving the N/a’an ku sê Team yet another area to continue and broaden conservation and research projects, focusing mainly on brown hyenas and leopards.

In 2015, Angelina Jolie visited N/a’an ku sê again and the N/a’an ku sê Jolie-Pitt partnership grew even stronger.

In 2017, with the help of long-time supporter Angelina Jolie, we opened the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary to rehabilitate elephants and rhinos injured or orphaned by poaching. The Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary was opened by Angelina and the children during their 2017 visit to Namibia and is named in honor of her Namibian born daughter, Shiloh.