You will be picked up after the morning activity at Makakatana and transfer about 1 hour to your next safari camp. Thanda Tented Camp is located in Thanda Private Game Reserve and proudly boasts an authentically South African wildlife experience, matched with a sincere commitment to the Zulu culture and passionate conservation of the environment.

An ancient culture of tradition and integrity, many Zulus living in rural KwaZulu-Natal have retained their traditional lifestyles despite Western intervention and the exacerbating pressures of globalization. The Zulus believed very strongly in the connection between themselves and the spiritual realm, and the physical state of a body was an indication of the favorable or unfavorable light the gods viewed that person in.

Since the reserves inception, Thanda’s aim has been to restore natural balance to the area by bringing back the species which were endemic to the area. Originally purchased as degraded cattle farms, rife with alien plant species, Thanda’s wildlife management has concentrated on an extensive rehabilitation project which included reintroducing the Big Five. Thanda was also the first private game reserve in Kwa Zulu-Natal to have successfully reintroduced a breeding pack of wild dog within its borders. Early morning and late afternoon game drives in search of the elusive Big Five are conducted in open Land Rovers und