Towards the Kanana region of the concession the area is drier and there are large areas of wild sage, and patches of woodland which include quirky Sausage trees, Jackalberries, Knobthorns, Rain trees and Marula trees. The waterways are lined with Papyrus and Miscanthus Grass all presided over by Giant Water Figs. The Nxabega area is more heavily forested and there are more Acacia trees, so the chances of seeing Giraffe in this area are good. The plains around this camp are covered in Hippo Grass, creating perfect hiding spots for many animals including the elusive Sitatunga.

Due to the number of Acacia trees in this area, you are likely to see several Giraffe in this area while on an Okavango safari. There are also numerous other common Delta species such as Lechwe, Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra and Baboons. You may also see the occasional Tsessebe and Steenbuck. There are smaller resident herds of Elephants, although they do not gather in the same numbers as in the northern areas of the Delta.