The days are usually hot and dry and the nights quite cool. The long, hot and humid rainy period starts around April and lasts until June, and then the short rains come during the warm months of November and December.
January through to March is hot and dry, while July to October are warm and dry with cool nights and mornings.

Borana Camp consists of dome tents, each with two mattresses and bedding (two learners per tent). There are shared bathroom facilities. Please bring a sleeping bag for sleep-outs.

There is no electricity at the Borana Fly Camp – paraffin lamps are used for all lighting, and a generator is used to charge batteries. Studying at night with paraffin lanterns can at times be challenging, so a headlamp for this purpose is recommended, as well as an extra battery-operated lamp should you wish to study in your tent at night.

Borana Lodge consists of a total of eight cottages, four of which have large double beds and four that have twin beds. All cottages have a phenomenal view over the dam. The cottages are quite modern, including open fireplaces and stylish bathrooms.
There is electricity at Borana Lodge – the voltage is 220/240V AC and the plugs are the UK-type, round two-pin or flat three-pin. There are adaptors available and there is also complementary Internet (WiFi) access, though it may be slow and intermittent due to the remote location of the lodge.

Most of the time will be spent at Borana Fly Camp, and lodge accommodation is dependent on availability.