The word “Tswalu” means “a new beginning” and Tswalu Kalahari is driven by two ambitions: to create an inspirational experience for its guests, and a conservation vision, to restore the Kalahari to itself.

These two goals sit in perfect equilibrium; each guest contributes directly to the sustainability of the reserve in a true model of eco-tourism.

Game drives at Tswalu will be completely tailored to your particular interests. There are no set routes or times here – guests determine their own adventure from the outset.

uided bush walks are wonderful at Tswalu. We want people to get even closer to the land – to touch the unique vegetation, learn about each plant’s extraordinary properties, inspect nests and burrows, and examine the smallest insect.

Tswalu is a large conservation project in the Kalahari. We have recognised the importance of answering some of the questions about the ground pangolin and the factors limiting their survival. For the past two years we have funded collaborative research into the ecology of the pangolin and potential threats of climate change to their survival.

Tswalu’s horses accommodate riders of all abilities and levels of experience. Children are welcome on horseback. And Tswalu’s expert staff can also create an entire day’s activity at the stables for them.

On horseback, the vastness of the Kalahari strikes you even more deeply and many of the animals react differently to your presence. Gently walk the grassy plains and rolling dunes against the pink and mauve backdrop of the Korannaberg mountains in the late afternoon sun, and enjoy the views of the arid savannah whilst becoming part of the landscape.