Anabezi’s sister Camp, Amanzi has just recently opened up and for those travellers who prefer a more rustic feel this is definitley the camp for you! Amanzi is situated on the banks of the Zambezi’s Ngwenya channel just two kilometers down stream from Anabezi. The name ‘Amanzi’ means water in the local Tonga language and with the intimate position on the Zambezi proves a very fitting name.
Amanzi – The Details Amanzi is located deep in the lower Zambezi national park, one the most remote camps in the park and with just 4 tents making it one the most intimate safari experiences in the Lower Zambezi.

You will find a real variation of game year round in this area but especially in the dry season where the game congregates on the river’s edge where it’s common to see the famous site of Elephant crossing the river pausing on the shallow islands on the Zambezi River.