Lion are relatively widespread throughout the park, but the larger males are increasingly uncommon. On the Busanga Plains, prides stalk through nervous herds of puku and lechwe nightly, using the natural drainage ditches for cover with deadly efficiency. Leopards remain very common throughout the forested areas and, on rare occasions, can be seen slinking across the open plains. Cheetah are not common in Kafue, and when they are spotted, it is mostly in the north side of the park. Wild dog can be seen occasionally as well. Kafue National Park is currently one of Zambia’s greatest strong holds for the declining canine. Kafue also boasts over 495 species of birds, which is believed to be the highest of any Zambian National Park. There have also been around 495 species recorded here, suggesting that the park has probably the richest bird life of any Zambian park.