If you want to spend a short walk along the lake or a long walk through the pampas, Hotel Las Torres offers a half-day or full-day excursion to satisfy your search for adventure within the Torres del Paine National Park.

The strategic location of the hotel, at the foot of the majestic “Torres del Paine” mountain range and along the park’s legendary hiking trails, makes it the perfect “base camp” to explore the many natural wonders of the area.

The excursions are designed to enjoy the national park around a variety of subjects, from the flora, fauna and geology of the park, to the heritage and culture of the gauchos and the indigenous peoples of the region. They also include several modes of transport: vehicle, trekking, horses, navigation and climbing. Last but not least, they vary from easy to difficult depending on your physical condition and experience.

At the end of your adventurous days, take time to visit the spa. Created through a collection of elements that are part of the Chilean and endemic nature of Patagonia, which combine to deliver treatments designed for revitalization. Spa Las Torres has specialists and offers hydromassages, mud therapy, sauna, reflexology and massages that will help to vitalize the body, promote circulation, hydrate the skin and relax the muscles.