When Elephants Smile

Every day, dozens of African elephants are killed by poachers seeking for their ivory, meat and other body parts. Elephant calves left without their mothers are sure to die as they lack survival skills and source of food.

In Zimbabwe, there is a place where orphaned baby elephants can have a second chance at life. The Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, founded by Roxy Danckwerts on her family farm, rescues helpless infants, providing them with care and love 24/7 in a bid to reintegrate mighty animals back to the wild.

RTD’s Aleksandr Avilov visits this extraordinary place outside of the capital Harare. He meets Moyo, Limpopo and other elephants in the nursery, and hears touching stories of the incredible bond between the animals and sanctuary staff. Roxy and her family speak about the challenges and joys of raising elephants and the new challenge of returning the ones that are ready back to where they belong.

Watch the documentary, When an Elephant Smiles, below:


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