Zimbabwe’s Anti-Poaching Heros

The rhino poaching crisis in southern Africa has required fearless retaliation efforts by dedicated teams to counteract poachers driving the species to the brink of extinction.

The Malilangwe Scouts are at the forefront of the fight and these brave men play a key role in the efforts of the Malilangwe Trust – Singita’s non-profit conservation partner in Zimbabwe – to combat illegal poaching. The Scouts’ impact is a testimony to their caliber and commitment, and not only does the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve have one of the highest rhino densities on the continent, but there’s also been no snaring on the property for the past 8 years.

Becoming a Malilangwe Scout is a formidable journey and each of the men goes through a strenuous six-month selection course that pushes them physically and mentally. They are courageous, determined and tough, and their achievements as a team keep them focused on their dangerous task.

Undaunted in their resolve to protect these majestic animals, the bond between these men is unbreakable…




Conservation Highlights


Set on 130,000 acres of breathtaking wilderness, the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is home to one of the world’s biggest black rhino reintroduction success stories. The reserve now donates some of these critically endangered animals to other areas in Africa.










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